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 Formerly known as BLOODBATH of Hawaii

Theocracy A.D. is a four man Christian band hailing from the pacific paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. Our music is labeled as "Pacific-power-noize-core" and it certainly contains massive amounts of power. Although we love to jump around and play loud music, there is a reason behind our energy and that is the one and only Jesus Christ. Theocracy has only one mission and that is to get the word of God out to the youth of the world. We see so many youth at our concerts that have no sense of direction in their lives and seem to have no concern about what may happen to them after they leave that night. Well, we have a sincere desire to make sure that they realise there is a God that loves them no matter what they may have been through or may have done. If you live on the island of Oahu and would like to see one of your concerts, just drop us an e-mail and we'll let you know the date of the next gig. Be prepared for some LOUD and IN YOUR FACE reality lyrics. We have been compared to the likes of Embodyment, Godfear, Believer or the new sound of Living Sacrifice, which we do not mind in the least..

Theocracy A.D. is:

Oh ! And Pat Underwood...the manager !

We've got Photo's !

If you are interested in ordering the CD, T-shirts, stickers or just have questions, comments or ideas, click on the title of the CD and let us know...or send us "snail-mail" at:

P.O. Box 893911
Millilani, Hawaii 96789


If you are looking for some good priced and some hard to find tunes, try this guy (soon to have one of the largest one stop sources of information on Christian music on the web)....

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