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A very fitting album title, yes ?

Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok ! Yes I know Roger has supposedly "gone to the dark side" as some of you have put it, but.....

During the time that Roger was with VR, he put out some mighty intense lyrics and music - stuff that he regrets putting out now that he claims to serve the "sick one". So, if his old stuff is satanic, then why would he hate it now - if he claims to serve evil ?? Get my point people ?? satan can not stand against satan. 'nuff said.

On the other hand....In case you didn't know, Roger Martinez, the lead singer of the ex-Christian band, Vengenace Rising, has decided to take his new band in a different direction - a u-turn if you will. Albums released before "Anthology" are considered to be Christian (by most), however Roger has a radical new outlook on life and expresses it with vivid expression at his new web site. Not necessarily a good kind of expression but, oh well. I am not perfect, so I don't care to cast any stones - just prayers. If you serve the God, the Jesus of Nazareth that hung out with the liars, thieves, whores, and unbelievers in order to be a witness and influence to these folks (healthy people don't need doctor's), then you may just try including a prayer for Roger and his enterage every now and then. Power is in numbers people, power is in prayer not condemnation. You could control a kingdom if you could control your own tongue, so use it wisely.

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