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You gotta love them. They may be ugly, but I like to think of them as small pets that actually do something - besides poop on the carpet and chew on your slippers. You probably don't appreciate them like they deserve. Many people are so mis-informed by TV's portrayal of these harmless creatures, when they are actually vital to our human comfort. I would much rather have a few harmless spiders that crave flies and roaches,etc. than to have those bugs in my house. Besides, with spiders, you don't have to feed them, they don't need to be watered, they don't need exercise, they have a voracious appetite for the bugs I can't stand and they are very quiet. I can hear you now..."But they bite !" - Well, yes some do. But how many people are more apt to pet a strange dog walking down the street - a creature that can bite your hand and rip it to shreads and give you rabies or attack small children and mame them,etc. than they would to just leave a harmless helpful spider alone in the corner or scurrying across their bathroom floor. Ok, well, that's my soapbox - take it or leave it :)

If you are looking for more info on these awesome creatures, here are some links:

Back Widow Clothing Company !

HEY! During the week of March 8th to the 14th, Discovery channel will be premiering a series on Tarantula's. You can also check them out on the web and read what experts have to say about these awesome creatures."

West Coast Zoological Society

My picture collection page (Nothing yet)

Arachnological Hub of the WWW...This is an awesome site with anything you could probably ever want to know about Arachnids - and more - is located here. Spider Habits, Anatomy, Silks, Bites, etc.

Index of Arachnid Web Pages (from same site above)

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