Let me start by saying one thing.....

Dave's Insanity SauceI LIKE IT HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Endorphin Rush

Hi...my name is Rich and I'm a chile-head. I am one of those weird freaks you see in the restaurants that whips out my own bottle of (Dave's/Endorphin/Death) hot sauce because the tobasco lost it's "pizazz" years ago and I can't get enough of the hot stuff, so I am putting it on my salad, my corn, my potatoe, my chicken, my pizza, and....say....that ice cream looks like it could use some warmin' up !!!!

Yes, I put it on everything ! Ok, well...not EVERYTHING - I still appreciate a nice, crispy bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal sunk beneath a gallon of milk.

....and I think the lime gelatin is fairly safe.

....and most fruits can do without any spice.

.....except for maybe, I'd put some habanero powder in my crunchy peanut butter and peanut butter goes really well with apples and....WAIT....I'll be right back !

Actually, I am fairly normal. I have heard that there are freaks freakier than I ... yes !.... I kid you not !  I have heard the heat dependancy is so strong for some individuals, as to require copious amounts of tabasco being put in the a.m. caffeine fix (coffee) !! Now, don't get me wrong ! I can handle some hab powder in my hot chocolate every once in a while, but now messin' with the ol' java fix is just not what mother nature had intended - it ain't natural folks !

Well, anyway...I don't think I could possibly inform you of something that isn't already available out on the 'net, so......

Here are some links I have found and loved:
(First, I would like to do some blatant promoting of a local joint)
If you live in Hawaii, visit the Chili-head mecca, aka
Ok, now on to the the linx
I guess the first one would be my Favorite

Chile Heads Home Page

Chile Pepper Magazine

Bob's Fiery Foods

Bob's Fiery Books

How well do YOU Taste ?

Off the Deep End

TranscendentalCapsaicinophilic Society

Chili.Net (Chili Around the World)

Surfin' Chili (the home of one of the chili cookoff teams at NASA in Houston)

Tough Love Chili Company

The Biosphere Kitchen

FireGirl's Chile Pepper Wonderland

Religious Experience Hot Salsa

and if I missed any, here are some other folks links collections

Jalapeno Cafe Chili Links

Paul Worth's Links

Comments ? Gripes ? Complaints ? Suggestions ?   Then send it to someone who cares !
NO, NO, NO - I was only kidding ! (Not really)
No seriously, drop me a line & speak your mind. Just click on my name !

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Oh ya, I borrowed the Dave's & the Endorphin Rush pictures from somewhere, and I don't recall where, so if you own them and you are offended that I am using them - let me know.

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