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GROMS was a great death metal band hailing from Norway with a sound of their very own. In my opinion, If you like the pace and growl of Mortification's heavier stuff, with a hint of Paramaecium, then you WILL like these guys. Unfortunately, the band has broken up with no plans to get back together, but I'm sure one or two of the band members will go off to start their own projects, so the we will have something to look forward to in the future. They had these two releases available and a third was rumoured:

TURN '93
a demo tape and nearly impossible to find
Ascension (Artic Serenades (1994), Nuclear Blast (1995), Pleitegeier(1996))
9-tracks and available only on CD
....and rumoured was....
?? '96 ???

So, who was G.R.O.M.S and what does it mean ?

  • Øyvind Haugland: Guitar and vocals
  • Haaken Johannessen: Bass
  • Petter Gordon Jensen: Drums
  • Hans Dalen: Lead guitar
  • and...

    G.R.O.M.S stands for..God Rules Over My Soul

    To hear a sample of their style, download this .wav snippet of them.

    SAMPLESound sample coming soon

    The old mailing address for reaching them was the address below, but I can't promise this is still valid:
    Box 3536
    N-4602 KR:Sand
    Any current info concerning this page is GREATLY appreciated...
    or if you know where a copy of the demo, TURN can be located :)

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