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A list of businesses, home pages, essays, e-mail addresses, geneological info, companies and miscellaneous information about anyone with the last name of Griffin on the 'net
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Unfortunately I haven't had the time to update this page. It is still slow going. Please be patient :)

In the meantime, I have found provided a few places to get you started possibly:

Lundsford Griffin's Descendants

Griffins in Bill Clayton's family tree Page 1
Griffins in Bill Clayton's family tree Page 2
Griffins in Bill Clayton's family tree Page 3

Amelia's Alabama Geneology

Hayden Griffin's Home Page

Griffins in the Peeple's Family Tree

W. Sue T. Griffin's Home Page, Professor of Medicine
and Director of the Laboratory for Research on Alzheimer's and Other Neurological Diseases at the GRECC

Cathy Griffin - Host of the Hollywood Gossip Column

A bio on jazz artist Dick Griffin

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Compuserve E-mail Addresses
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Med Doctor's, Laywers & Such
Essays, Editorials, etc.
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Movie Stars, Celebrities, etc.
Loose items of interest
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